About Angel Tagudin

Angel Tagudin - PhotographerSpecializing in true-to-life photojournalism and editorial photography, photographer Angel Tagudin creates a world in which adventure and celebrity live within arms reach of everyday people. Angel’s natural curiosity and warm demeanor allow him to fit in with any subject from musicians, athletes, and celebrities to bashful grooms and giddy brides. His artistic philosophy and natural patience allows Angel to capture the candid moments where people reveal their genuine selves... the beautiful evidence of life well lived.

MY Promise

You can count on me to arrive early and leave late. As the person responsible for your photos, my number one priority is to faithfully capture your event and represent you and your interests with complete professionalism and poise. You can expect exceptional and courteous service, thorough preparation, and prompt replies to your inquiries. I promise to deliver quality photos on time.




How do you say it?

"Tag-Ooo-Dean" is how the name is pronounced.