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Wedding photography questions



How do you come up with your pricing?

Pricing for photography services is based on estimates for time and materials. We begin by estimating the time it will take to photograph the subject. We then estimate the time it will take to process the photos and perform general color correction and retouching. Once that information is gathered, we factor in the materials required for a shoot including equipment, supplies, additional photographers (large events), and travel where applicable. Lastly, we add any products that you have requested such as archival prints, photo albums, and DVD slideshows. Back to Top

How do I check availability?

Our availability is only limited by prior engagements. We do not book more than one engagement per day. For weddings, we block off an entire weekend to ensure that the bride and groom have our undivided attention. To check availability, visit the contact page and complete the short form. Back to Top

Do you charge extra for travel?

Travel is included in all prices for locations inside our home area (within 50 miles of Winter Park, FL).

Popular wedding and reception venues that fall within these limits:

Popular Central Florida photography destinations:

Locations beyond this area require an additional cost for travel and lodging (where applicable). Back to Top

What photography SERVICES do you offer?

A list of popular types of photography can be found on our photography services page. Additional sessions can be arranged to accommodate any need. Back to Top

What type of photography do you specialize in?

We specialize in true-to-life photojournalism and editorial photography. This style allows us to focus on capturing candid moments with the natural light available outside of a studio space.Back to Top

Where is your photography studio located?

Our studio is wherever you are! The goal is to capture compelling images by using tools and techniques that take advantage of the photo subject and it’s natural environment. Though studio photography serves a very important need, it doesn’t allow for the spontaneity and magic that occurs outside the studio walls. Back to Top

Do you offer photo restoration?

Yes. Contact us to receive a quote for photo restoration services.Back to Top


Can I create my own custom package?

Yes! Photo packages are only offered as a starting point. Additional products, services, and quantities are available per request. Contact us to discuss how I can serve you best. Back to Top